Our Team

Our team of Psychotherapists have over 30 years experience working in the counselling and addiction field working with individuals, couples, groups and health professionals. To talk to us or book an appointment please find the direct contact details below.

Eoin Stephens, MA, MIACP, MACI

Eoin has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Counselling & Psychotherapy, providing leadership in such areas as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Addictive Behaviours, Sexual Addictions, Social Anxiety, Counselling & Psychotherapy Education, and Integration in the Psychological Therapies. You can find out more about Eoin at www.eoinstephens.com

Phone: 086-3814366
Email: eoin@addictivebehaviours.ie

Appointments Locations:
Insight Matters, 46 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1
Mindology Wellness Centre, Chapel Lane, Sallins, Co. Kildare

Orlagh Gahan, B.Sc, M.I.A.C.P

Orlagh is an accredited Psychotherapist 20161006_101956and Addiction Counsellor. She also has 15 years experience as a Complementary Health Therapist promoting physical, mental and emotional health which are key elements in the recovery process. This range of experience complements her role as a Psychotherapist as she incorporates a strong emphasis on a holistic approach to recovery. Orlagh specialises in sexual issues and addiction recovery for individuals and couples. You can book your appointment online at www.orlaghgahan.ie

Phone: 086-6011596
Email: info@orlaghgahan.ie

Appointments Locations:
Monread Avenue, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Sharon Cagney, M.I.A.C.P  Sharon Cagney

Sharon Cagney is a professional Psychotherapist & Counsellor. Sharon is a qualified, experienced practitioner
bringing a broad range of expertise to the understanding and treatment of addictive behaviours, anxiety & stress related issues. Sharon has been in private practice since 2004. Find out more at www.anatta.ie

Phone: 086-8611913
Email: sharoncagney73@gmail.com

Appointments Locations: 
Ashleigh Centre, Main Street, Castleknock, Dublin 15.
100 Lower Drumcondra Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

For more information about our services, professional fees or to book an appointment please contact a member of our therapist team directly.

You can’t throw a habit out the window. You have to walk it gently down the stairs.                                    Mark Twain